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My story starts just like everyone else. I was traveling through life thinking I was ok, until in my early 30’s my doctor sent a wake-up call. Your blood pressure is elevated and your weight is to high, and if you don’t make certain changes, you will be on medication for high blood pressure, and you could usher in a host of other health challenges later on in life. I immediately said  “no to this diagnosis/prognosis,” and said “what must I do to fix this”? My physician said I had to loose weight and make lifestyle changes. She did not think I was serious; boy she had no clue who she was talking to!


I decided that I would have to get educated about high blood pressure and heart disease, because I was not going to be chained to a prescription for the rest of my life. I discovered how ignorant I was about nutrition, supplementation and the origins of disease. I have spent the last 11 years educating myself and implementing what I learned, along with my holistic health team of physicians and practitioners that I researched and found. It was due to my personal success, that people began to ask about what I did. I would enthusiastically share all of the articles, supplements, websites and health team information, not realizing I was laying the ground work for this blog and website.


The final straw that caused me to go forward with this concept was the death of 3 family members under the age of 55 over a six month period from preventable heart disease and cancer related deaths. Had they eaten differently, added supplements, become educated or fine tuned in the information they had, they definitely would be here now. Kenny, Sam (a.k.a. Butch) and Erika are the seeds I will use to grow a garden of healthy people through out the world. It is to God and them that I dedicate this work.